Embu, Kenya

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We are delighted that we now have an affiliate congregation in Kenya.  Our elder was able to travel there in March of 2016 to teach, baptize, and ordain a local elder, John Rutere Mugo.  How this happened is explained in detail in an article,

YahwehShua Comes to Kenya

We hope that this assembly on the African continent may be a source of inspiration and teaching to others being called by Yahweh.  

If you wish to make contact with our new elder, please contact us at our email address.


From Right to left.

1) John Njue Mugo
2) Grace mbandi Mugo
3) Margaret Gatavi Isaac
4) Lawrence Mwaniki Murithi
5) Angelina Wanjira Njururi
6) Josylyne Kawira Kariuki

Below: A new sister expressing joy