YahwehShua Comes to Kenya

This exciting adventure began with emails sent to The Light of YahwehShua in August 2015.  In part, one email said:


I desire most to be immersed with my family and the congregation.  Please inform me if there is a possibility for you to visit us and immerse us according to the Torah, Acts 8:26-40, [where] Philip immersed the Ethiopian eunuch, led by Yahweh.  That is why I believe the immersion is very important in the Kingdom of Yahweh because we must fulfill all righteousness as YahwehShua Deeds according to the Scripture., Matthew 3:15. Please come and teach us more about the kingdom of Yahweh and the set apart name of Yahweh and I can prepare for you a meeting for three days.  The congregation and I desire to affiliate with The Light of YahwehShua Congregation.


Shalom shalom,

Elder John


This email sent in August of 2015 resulted in a visit to Embu, Kenya in March of 2016.  This round trip of more than 17,000 miles produced the fruit of four baptisms in YahwehShua and teaching of many more.


The members of the congregation of YahwehShua in St. Louis supported and encouraged their elder to fulfill this request from Elder John of Embu, Kenya.


Initially the plan was for the elder and a sister in the faith who has extensive travel experience (and youth) to accompany him.  As the financial cost of the trip and the health of the elder became a concern, Elder John was invited to come to the USA.  We would financially support his trip, teach him, baptize him and return him to Kenya as an ordained elder.


Elder John applied to the US embassy twice for a visa to visit the USA.  Each time he was rejected.  This happened despite documentation and assurances from the members of the Light of YahwehShua.


After the second rejection and a review of finances, it was decided that our elder should travel alone to Kenya.  After much prayer about his health, the plans were made.


Our elder departed St. Louis on March 15 and returned on March 22.  While the journey was long, Yahweh delivered him and returned him on “the wings of an eagle.”


On his first day in Embu, our elder was told an amazing narrative by Elder John that brought clarity to his trip.  Please read the email below from Elder John that our elder requested he provide after our elder’s return to the USA.  Our elder was told this verbally while there with confirmation by Elder John’s wife, Lucy.


Shalom, Elder Bob,

I am very happy to hear that you arrived safely.  We were glad to be with you and really appreciated your generosity and your teachings. 


My dream from Yahweh:

In 1989, I became very sick and my father took me to three different hospitals but after various medical tests, no disease was found.  The doctor asked my father to take me back home, stay there, and wait for the will of God and my father took me back home and I stayed there suffering without knowing what to do.


One day, in the middle of the night while sleeping, I saw the iron sheets of my house blown out of the roof and my small bedroom was filled with light.  Then my bed was surrounded by people wearing long pure white dresses and they started feeding me with strange food that passed through my throat very fast like running wind.  This scared me a lot and while being in that state of fear, I started regaining my consciousness, and looked up and thought that there was no roof in my house.  There was much light and people in my bedroom surrounding me.  I jumped up to try to grab one of them, but unfortunately they shouted the word, HalleluYah and disappeared into the sky with the light.  I woke up, found myself in my bed and it was dark.  I lit my lamp and prayed.  When I woke up in the morning, I was completely healed.


And the following night, YahwehShua revealed himself to me again.  I saw myself flying up to the sky to visit Yahweh in heaven, and when I reached to the door of heaven, I met with a man who told me his name was YahwehShua and He asked me ‘where are you going?’  I replied,’ I am going to visit Yahweh’, then he asked me again, ‘what will you tell Yahweh when you meet Him?’  And I was not able to answer that question, and I kept quiet.  Then He told me with a commanding tone ‘go back on earth, and you will meet my servant from America.’


And suddenly, I woke up.  I prayed and knew that in my two dreams, it was Yahweh and his angels who had visited me.  Right now, my dearest Elder Bob, I have now realized that your teachings come from Yahweh because you have already visited us and taught us, immersed us in the inherited name, YahwehShua, and my dreams fulfilled.  HalleluYah.  You can share these dreams to other believers and your friends, so that they can know it is Yahweh who sent you to Kenya to fulfill his work.


Agape in YahwehShua,

Elder John


Notice in the dream or vision that Elder John experienced, that only one American is mentioned and the American would come to him.  This explained why only our elder would eventually travel alone and why Elder John’s requests for a visa were rejected.  Yahweh had described the terms of the trip in 1989 but our elder would only learn this after arriving in Embu, Kenya.


The Light of YahwehShua congregation in St. Louis now has an affiliate congregation in Embu, Kenya.  This was the plan of Yahweh revealed as early as 1989.  Our elder did not even the know the name of Yahweh or YahwehShua at that time.  But Yahweh knew him as he knows all those who are called and chosen.


Remember Ephesians 1:4:  “According as he hath chosen us in him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and without blame before him in love:”


Yes, Yahweh is very much involved in His creation.  The world is so blinded and polluted that His truth is obscured, but the light is still shining.


Do you, like Elder John, wonder about truth and your role in this end time?  Why not be like Elder John and pray to Yahweh for truth; ask, seek, knock!


Contact the Light of YahwehShua and learn if you are one those called from the foundation of the world!