Are YOU Being Called for the "Better Resurrection"?

Christian tradition and theologians teach a lot about going to either heaven or hell after death. They don’t really talk about what the Bible actually says. Ecclesiastes 9:5 describes what really happens after we die: “the dead know not anything”. When you read the Scriptures in the original language, they do not talk about a place called hell.  This is a concept created from poor translations and hidden agendas. 


The Scriptures tell us that, “no man hath ascended up to heaven”.  (John 3: 13)  Revelation 21: 10 further says, “that great city, the holy Jerusalem, descending out of heaven from Yahweh.”In fact, we are told there will be new heavens and a new earth. (2 Peter 3:13) Yahweh brings his kingdom down to a new earth. What we ALL have in common is death and resurrection.


We find the reference to a “better resurrection” in Hebrews 11:35. Since this confirms the existence of at least one resurrection, there must be another resurrection that is not as good. The better resurrection occurs when Messiah returns. This resurrection is only for the firstfruits or saints. This is a resurrection to spirit life.


The next resurrection comes after the completion of the 1000-year reign of Messiah. (Revelation 20:5) This is a resurrection to physical life. These physical human beings must face their judgment. Those who receive Yahweh’s Spirit and bear fruit will qualify to be transformed into the new heavens and earth. The remaining physical beings will be cast into the lake of fire or the second death. (Revelation 20:14)  They will eventually be accepted into the new heavens and earth.


The better resurrection means that the saints or firstfruits do not have to face a second death. They will have spirit bodies and be with Messiah forever. When they enter the new heavens and earth, they will live in the kingdom of Yahweh. Those human beings from the second resurrection who do not go through the second death will also be in the kingdom of Yahweh. Those who come into the new heavens and earth from the second death live outside the kingdom of Yahweh. (Revelation 22: 15)  


What I have just told you is actually found in the Scriptures. If you pray to Yahweh for truth, and allow the Scriptures to speak for themselves, you can also discover what I just told you. The world is full of deception and the only source of truth Is Yahweh.


Many people who contact us find our website interesting, but they are unable to emphasize their devotion to Yahweh over their relationship to their physical families.  Yahweh should take first place.  This is why Yahweh recommends marriage between believers, as in the scripture, 2 Corinthians 6:14. As some learn more about being “in YahwehShua”, they are often afraid to accept the commitment that is required once they are baptized.


These encounters have often caused me to remember the rich young man who came to Messiah. We are introduced to him in Matthew 19:16:  “And, behold, one came and said unto him, Good master, what good thing shall I do, that I may have eternal life?“ Messiah answered his question, but verse 22 reveals the sad outcome of that interaction: “But when the young man heard that saying, he went away sorrowful: for he had great possessions.”  The rich young man was so enslaved to his possessions he could not answer the calling that he was receiving. Are you enslaved to this world?


Are you being called but are afraid to consider the challenge that you may face if you choose to accept your calling? You are not alone! Consider the parable of the sower Messiah shared with us in Matthew 13. We are told about what happens to seed when it is cast upon the ground. The seed represents the calling from Yahweh. This calling can only come from the Father Yahweh. (John 6:44) He calls only those whom he has selected. Remember, what we are told in Matthew 22:14: “For many are called but few are chosen.”


The parable of the sower reveals the failure rate of this calling. Most of the seed falls in the wayside, stony place or are among the thorns. The good seed takes root and produces fruit. There was a three out of four failure rate. Only 25% of those called successfully responded.


Many of those who contact our website are confused about our true destiny after death. We all have to die. (Hebrews 9: 27) But we will not ALL be in the same resurrection. There are two resurrections that we must be concerned about. The first resurrection occurs when Messiah returns. (1 Corinthians 15:23) This is for those who are called, chosen, and have overcome.


The rest of mankind will be resurrected after the thousand years. All mankind will be resurrected in either the first or second resurrection. Not one human being is lost. Notice what Paul tells us in first Corinthians 15:22:  “For as in Adam ALL die, even so in Messiah shall ALL be made alive.“ I have boldened the word all because no human being is overlooked. ALL will be resurrected and eventually enter the new heavens and earth.


During this present age, the Father, Yahweh, is only calling certain people. (John 6:44) We cannot choose to be called. Our calling is decided only by the Father. We ARE able to choose to respond if called.


The first resurrection is the better resurrection. (Hebrews 11:35) Why is this better? The firstfruits in this resurrection will not experience the second death. They will die no more. The second death is the lake of fire. (Revelation 20:14) This is not the fabled eternal fire of damnation.  This is for those who were called during the second resurrection, but did not overcome. They had to die again before being resurrected into the new heavens and earth. 


Messiah said: “I am the resurrection”(John 11:25) He died so that ALL mankind will be resurrected. Death is going to be destroyed. (1 Corinthians 15:26) There will be no death in the new heavens and earth. The world has been so deceived that it thinks that Yahweh is not powerful enough to save all mankind. The apostle Paul refutes this false assumption in 1 Timothy 2:4- 5:  “For this is good and acceptable in the sight of Yahweh our Saviour:  Who will have all men to be saved, and to come into the knowledge of the truth.“


Yahweh will have all men transformed from this material creation to the special creation of the new heavens and earth. (2 Peter 2:13; Revelation 21:1) Not one human is left behind. All will be resurrected, but according to the order established by Yahweh.


The firstfruits, those who are being called during this age, will experience the better resurrection. They will not die again. They will be with Messiah for 1000 years prior to the final judgment of the rest of mankind. They will be priests and kings (Revelation 1:6 & 5:10) in the kingdom of Yahweh and will always be with Messiah.


The rest of mankind who are resurrected after the thousand years will be given the Spirit of Yahweh and have the opportunity to be “in YahwehShua”. Should they overcome “in YahwehShua“, they will not be cast into the lake of fire. Those who reject this opportunity and go into the lake of fire will eventually live in the new heavens and earth. However, they will reside outside the kingdom of Yahweh. Every person who dwells in the new heavens and earth will no longer experience the consequences of sin, disease, or death.


For many of those who contact us this can be a very difficult subject. No one wants to cause separation with their loved ones.  A good family relationship is desirable, but you must consider your allegiance to Yahweh’s family as primary. Yahweh has a plan for each person and life is His final judgment. Death is destroyed. We must each approach our own way on our own merits. What we decide cannot be applied to someone else. But upon reflection, I would think that it would be more desirable to have a close relationship with the Messiah, our Creator, and be with him for eternity in the kingdom of Yahweh.


Don’t allow your calling to be left by the wayside, made impotent by the stony ground or be killed by the weeds. These are only metaphors for the cares and worries of the world. To take advantage of our calling, we must be willing to come out of the world.


During the month of October, we observe the feast of trumpets or shouting. This is the first high day in the seventh Hebrew month. (Leviticus 23:24; Hebrews 6:2) This day represents the return of Messiah and the resurrection of the firstfruits. Revelation 14:1 indicates there will be only 144,000 who successfully complete their calling and are in the better resurrection.


The Light of YahwehShua is not here to evangelize the world. We are here to be of service to those who want to take advantage of their calling from the Father. We are the body of Messiah that desires to build up the body and support its members.


We are approaching the end time. Difficult days lie ahead. The beast will overcome us as well as the two witnesses who are our brethren.  (Revelation 11: 3)  We will all stand firm and die in YahwehShua.


How will you respond to your calling? You may contact us for more information. Should you wish to accept your calling and bear fruit, you must first be baptized in the name of YahwehShua.


After baptism you will need the support and strength of the body of Messiah. This is only the beginning. There is much to learn. But, we are here to help. You are under no obligation to us, but you do have one to the Father. The Father calls and the Son chooses. (John 15:16)


Once baptized in the name of YahwehShua, your judgment begins. As a baptized member of the body, you become part of the house of Yahweh.  As part of the house of Yahweh, you will be undergoing your judgment. (1 Peter 4:17) The rest of the world will not be judged until after their resurrection. Should you overcome you will have a truly “better” resurrection to look forward to.


Yahweh has a plan for all mankind. To really gain more understanding about this plan, you must first be baptized in YahwehShua and become part of the body of Messiah. The reward is magnificent however, “we must through much tribulation enter into the kingdom of Yahweh.” (Acts 14:22) But Paul gives us hope in Philippians 4:13: “I can do all things through Messiah which strengtheneth me.”  Messiah gives us this very personal hope in Hebrews 13:5: “I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.”


Are you interested?